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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


Cultivated by our farmer

Autentico Italiano

When you open a Cirio can, you get the best of Italy
Italian cuisine has and been influenced by many culinary cultures, and an inspiration to many more. This influence has shaped numerous traditional dishes across the continent.


  • Tuscan creamed tomatoes


Product description

A luxuriously creamy Passata sieved to make it velvety and smooth for a genuine homemade texture and flavour. Its sweet, subtle taste is complemented with regional aromas to serve as an ideal preparation for long-cooking dishes as it infuses other ingredients and flavours for an intense taste experience.


CIRIO Tuscan Creamed tomatoes is available in the following sizes:
- 560 g glass bottle

Nutrition Information

Typical values for 100g of product
Energy35 kcal/149 kJ
Protein1,4 g
Carbohydrate5,8 g
Fat0,1 g

Health benefits

NATURAL SUPER FOODS: everyone knows they are good for you but...

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Serving Information

This product so versatile and lovely in just about every dish - from hot or cold dishes, to recipes that are quick and easy to prepare through to the more adventurous gourmet preparations that take more time to cook. For example, use Tuscan Passata to cook meat in a “country style” or in legumes soups.


As our tomatoes contain no preservatives, transfer into a non-metallic container and store in the refrigerator at 0-0.5°C after opening and consume within 3 days.