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Conserve Italia

Conserve Italia group

Conserve Italia Group is a huge Italian co-operative that brings together over 14,500 farmers and represents one of Europe’s largest agri-food companies. 

Every year Conserve Italia processes over 650,000 tonnes of produce; fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, which are cultivated by its farmer members spanning an area of over 25,000 hectares. 

As market leaders in tomato based products, vegetables canned fruit and beverages (fruit juices, nectars and fruit drinks) the success of the group is  aligned to the company’s Mission: “To create more added-value to the fruit and vegetables grown by the Group’s associated farmers”.

The vigorous quality controls we have put in place for every process throughout the supply chain, right up to the point where our produce reaches retail outlets and consumers, ensures the group’s flagship position as a producer of the finest quality products.

Moreover, Conserve Italia takes great care over the environmental impacts by using wind energy to power a great part of its operations. This is what we mean by "Nature’s leader".

Brand and Financials

With a global turnover of 872 million euros, Conserve Italia Group is undisputedly the leader in its field.
Over one million tonnes of finished goods are packaged in 10 production plants.
The company has more than 1,400 full-time employees with approximately 1,400 temporary workers employed for the harvesting and processing period.
Approximately 55% of our produce is sold in Italy with the remaining 45% sold in the rest of the world.
We are also a big contractor for P.L., thanks to the trust of our major customers all over the world. 
Our main Portfolio Brands are:

The Turnover by product category                                Branded Sales and Private Labels



Logistic Network

Conserve Italia has an international network of logistic distribution centeres for the delivery of the finished goods and can therefore guarantee a cost effective customer service.
Distribution centres are located in close proximity to the production plants which a rapidly dispatch orders throughout Italy and Europe; either by road, train or boat.
The logistic goals are to reduce the delivery times to customers and to correctly manage orders ensuring the availability of the products with more than 3,500 SKU items.